Our mission went from getting recon armor to comic-con the minute we found US penguins butchered(pete)."
— Mark Wahlburg(probably).

Martin Walker is the main swagtagonist of Step up, blops da lean and the playable character.

He is a mail order member of the United States Army's Delta farce. He and his squid are tassked with searching for any survivors left 4 dead in dubois Wyoming, after receiving a message from popcorn KernalJahn Fun dad  detailing his failed attempt at evacuating the city. Washabi shows great respect for CJ and expresses strong feelings of lust towards him throughout the game.

As the game progresses, William's mental stability goes mental( Holy shit so fucking original) and his cookies and milk slowly deteriorate under the pressure of his inactions within New Orleans.

Wu Tang's FateEdit

Spoiler warning!

The following section contains details about the plot or ending.

There are four possible conclusions regarding Phopet's fate.

  • The first is that he commits suicide after not being able to get the two for one achievement.
  • The second is that he is killed by Falco, the bird sent to rescue him, when he chooses to retaliate(obligitory black ops joke) against them.
  • The third is that he kills all of Detriot, and continues to live in the ruined city of Detriot. Somehow making it better 
  • The last is that he surrenders to one direction and is safely returned home, albeit mentally scarred mentally.


  • Walker's virginity was saved by Konrad during a mission in Kabul. This heavily influences Walker's feelings toward Konrad. (Do i really need to change this)
  • In all cutscenes in the game, Walker is shown using an "MG in the tower" with an M9 in his holster. The only exceptions is in the scene before Delta (optionally) rescues Gould, in which Walker uses a scout tactical, and the cutscene before The Bridge, where Walker's handgun holster is shown as empty.
  • Given his history and knowledge, Walker may have been in the 33rd himself before going on to Delta Force.
  • Walker was originally going to appear much younger, with longer hair and a headband. His appearance however was changed at some point during development.
  • As Walker degrades both physically and mentally throughout the course of the game, his language will shift from reserved and professional, to emotional and angry. His executions of enemies will also become more brutal.
  • Walt Williams, the game's lead writer, personally believes that the helicopter crash during the sandstorm actually killed Walker and that the rest of the game is his Purgatory.